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Read Our Frequently Asked Questions and Call Today

We pride ourselves on our customer service and commitment to delivering answers to our client’s questions. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about our services, policies, and your role in dumpster rentals. We hope our FAQ page answers all your questions. If it doesn’t, we’d be glad to answer any others during a phone conversation.

What size dumpster do I need?

If you’re not sure which size dumpster to rent, one of our specialists can lead you in the right direction. We advise you to consider how much debris you need to clear from your property. Usually, the dumpster size depends on the scope of your project. We offer 20-, 30-, and 40-foot dumpsters. We also provide a covered dumpster in the 40-foot size, which is useful if you anticipate windy conditions and want to prevent debris from flying out of the dumpster.

When can I expect dumpster delivery?

During your initial call, we schedule a dumpster delivery time. We pride ourselves on personable service. The way we do so is by remaining flexible with all of our clients. We’ll make sure you know our general delivery hours and work out a time that works for you. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service so that you can expect a speedy delivery.

Are there any restricted items?

We cannot accept toxic and hazardous waste or asbestos. Also, batteries and freon-based materials – like air conditioners – are forbidden by local, state, and federal laws and ordinances. Before we deliver your dumpster, we’ll make sure you know what can and can’t go in the dumpster.

How long can I keep my dumpster?

You can keep the dumpster as long as you need to. We will go over the terms of the rental agreement before delivering the roll-off dumpster, so there’s no confusion. We understand that you can’t predict every twist and turn your project takes, so we want to remain as flexible as possible. If you fill your dumpster before finishing your project, give us a call. We’ll haul the debris and return the empty dumpster.

Do I need to be present during pick-up and delivery?

As long as you provide our team with detailed instructions on where to place the dumpster, we don’t require you to be there when we deliver it. However, you are welcome to wait for us. Also, we suggest being present if you can’t provide instructions or if you’re not sure about the placement. Doing so will ensure we place the dumpster in a convenient location and do not damage any property.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all of Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas. If you’re uncertain whether our team can deliver a dumpster to your location, feel free to contact us. We’ll let you know what our service area is and how we can help you.

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Make your next project a success by partnering with Dumpster Pros LLC. Dumpster rentals help residential clients safely and efficiently remodel their homes. They enable warehouses to stay compliant with regulations and increase safety. Construction companies benefit from having a central location for all debris.

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